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Starfish Associates

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Starfish Associates

Starfish is a global software company providing communication management solutions for multi-vendor unified communications and contact centers. ReachFarther helps the Starfish Associates connect with potential clients and partners to increase their footprint in the communications industry.

  • Their website askew the current web conventions of generic, stock photography and instead features interesting illustrations and bold use of slated and curved transitions.
  • Re-imagined the logo and color palette to modernize the design.
  • Built on WordPress content management system with on-board industry best-practices SEO and accessibility compliance.
  • Starfish manages all aspects of communication systems including:
  • Provisioning Solution
  • On-boarding
  • Contact Center
  • Systems Integrations
  • Provisioning Portals
  • Bulk Provisioning
  • Web Services
  • Compliance
  • Extension Management
  • Standardization
  • Off-boarding
  • Communication Systems
  • Active Directory
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Age Numbers
Photo of the Starfish Associates website displayed in three different devices: PC, tablet, and mobile.

We’re thrilled with the new site and appreciate the technical updates.


Senior Director, Marketing, Starfish Associates

How did ReachFarther help Starfish Associates?

Compelling Illustrations

Starfish wanted to standout in their industry and the cookie cutter competitor sites featuring stick photography of smiling business people doing business things. The reimagined Starfish Associates website features bold illustrations on angled, patterned backgrounds creating a unique feel.

Illustration in blues and oranges of office workers, computers, and icons.

Featuring Products

Starfish Associates wanted their website to highlight their extensive product list, so ReachFarther worked with them to create a site that features a detailed list of products and how they can help future clients.

SEO Focused

Starfish Associates competes in a search space with keywords shared by many different industries. Their previous website had a limited amount of content and focused heavily on their excellent personnel. But a personnel-focused website didn’t help them index for key communications industry terms used by potential customers. To improve their search footprint, ReachFarther launched a WordPress website using industry best-practices SEO and helped them organize their content to better position