Expert WordPress Administration and Maintenance

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Expert WordPress Administration and Maintenance

In late 2020, nearly 35% of the web ran on the WordPress open-source content management system.  Try to put that number into perspective for a minute; more than one in every four websites is currently running on WordPress.  That mind-boggling statistic speaks volumes to the popularity of the platform due to its low cost of ownership, its flexibility, it’s mountains of plugins and add-ons, and its speed to market.  However, it also means that it’s a prime source for hackers and other general miscreants.

Akismet stats claim that WordPress websites get 132 million spam messages every month, and building on the scary number, less than 1/3 of all WordPress installations are actively updated or running the latest version of the platform.  So using 2018 website estimates that we dug up from Tek Eye and a little middle-school algebra, we can calculate that there are nearly 594 million websites that are potentially vulnerable to security threats as a result of not maintaining the WordPress environment properly.

Many website owners don’t know that owning a WordPress website requires a commitment to updating the platform consistently to ensure that the build, the server, and even plugins are up to date.  Failing to do so puts your website content at risk, potentially compromises sensitive data, and could potentially expose your visitors to attacks that put their private data at risk.  And as new privacy laws are written the risks to a website owner for not maintaining their technology are significant.

ReachFarther is currently assisting numerous organizations with:

Scheduled WordPress maintenance and administration

Regular and planned tasks performed to ensure the smooth functioning and security of a WordPress website, including updating the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, optimizing database performance, monitoring website backups, and implementing security measures like malware scans and firewall configurations. This proactive approach helps maintain the site’s stability, enhances its performance, and mitigates potential security risks, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Backup and storage of website content and databases

We regularly schedule automated backups stored in secure off-site locations to protect against data loss and potential disasters.

WordPress security audits and remediation

We perform comprehensive assessments of our website’s vulnerabilities and potential risks, including examining themes, plugins, user roles, file permissions, and server configurations. When necessary, remediation involves implementing necessary security measures, such as updating WordPress core and plugins, strengthening passwords, implementing a web application firewall, and regularly monitoring and backing up the site to enhance its overall security.

WordPress hosting and performance tuning

We provide WordPress hosting and performance tuning techniques such as caching, minification of scripts and stylesheets, and optimizing images can further enhance the speed and overall user experience of your WordPress site.

Uptime monitoring

We track and measure the availability and performance of your website, involving regular checks of the system’s status to ensure it is functioning properly and accessible to users. This helps us identify and address issues promptly to minimize downtime and maintain a positive user experience for your guests.

WordPress website optimization

We provide many options for lightweight themes to keep the speed of your site humming. We regularly update plugins and WordPress core to enhance the site’s efficiency. Lastly, we enabe GZIP compression and utilize a content delivery network (CDN) that can further optimize your WordPress website’s speed and ensure a smooth user experience.

Ad-hoc/on-demand administration consultation

Timely and expert guidance to address your specific administrative needs, whether it’s streamlining processes, optimizing resource allocation, or enhancing organizational efficiency. Personalized recommendations tailored to your unique business requirements, enabling you to make informed decisions and overcome administrative challenges effectively.

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