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Camp Fatima of New Jersey

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Camp Fatima of New Jersey

Camp Fatima, opens a new window provides free, life-enriching camp experiences for children and adults with developmental disabilities. They offer various programs that provide camp experiences to creative and curious children and adults who have cognitive, sensory, and motor differences. Camp Fatima of New Jersey provides servises to their campers such as:

  • camp experiences
  • developmental disabilities
  • camp programs
  • adults with special needs
  • summer camps
  • sensory experiences
  • volunteer staff
  • special needs adult weekends
  • outdoor pool
  • arts and crafts
  • cognitive differences
  • sensory differences
  • motor differences
  • magical camping experience
  • donate
Photo of the Camp Fatima of New Jersey website displayed in three different devices: PC, tablet, and mobile.

We appreciate all the work you guys have done so far and we’re so excited for everyone to see the site – it looks awesome.


Camp Volunteer, Camp Fatima of NJ

How did ReachFarther help Camp Fatima of New Jersey?

Donations and Volunteers

Camp Fatima of New Jersey’s mission is only possible through donations and the volunteers who help run the camp. ReachFarther built the site so that donating and volunteering were the main points of contact.

Photo of the campers sitting on a sloping hill.

Compelling Photography

With the web becoming much more visual as internet speeds increase, many companies are faced with the difficult task of finding compelling, exciting photography to use on their websites. Camp Fatima’s photo’s show the joy and love that the camp provides the campers and has extraordinary photo assets to leverage, so we used those prominently in their website redesign.

SEO Focused

Camp Fatima of New Jersey competes in a search space with keywords shared by many different charitable organizations. Their previous website had a limited amount of content. To improve their search footprint, ReachFarther launched a WordPress website using industry best-practices SEO and helped them organize their content to better position themselves in key search demographics.

Virtual Camp for 2020

During the summer of the global pandemic, ReachFarther teamed up with Camp Fatima to deliver a virtual camp experience, opens a new window for their awesome campers when in-person camp simply wasn’t possible.

Camp started every morning with a virtual flag raising followed by an exciting day of activities and demonstrations that campers could access from their homes. A fantastic collaboration between dedicated camp volunteers, our technical experts, and some “kitschy” designs from the ReachFarther design team created a warm, inviting, and exciting experience for the campers.

  • The virtual camp experience was built entirely on their existing WordPress theme through the addition of custom pages
  • Videos were edited and hosted on a combination of YouTube and Vimeo and ReachFarther helped the camp maintain compliance with copyright laws
  • ReachFarther curated the daily experience through timed video release
  • Google analytics integration tracked page use and video views