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RM Piper

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R.M. Piper General Contractors

RM Piper has pre-qualified contractor status with the States of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont as well as several municipalities. The transparent low-bidder approach to obtaining contracts ensures that our clients (most often the taxpayers) receive a fair and reasonable price to construct a project to their specification.

  • Their website features interesting photography current and previous building projects.
  • Reimagined UX makes for an organized and pleasing journey through Vision’s portfolio of projects.
  • Built on WordPress content management system with on-board industry best-practices SEO and accessibility compliance.
  • R.M. Piper manage many aspects of construction contracting including:
  • construction projects
  • public sector construction
  • pre-qualified contractor
  • quality construction
  • safe construction
  • employment opportunity
  • equal opportunity
  • construction laborer
  • bridge laborer
  • civil Tech foreman
  • equipment operator
  • dump truck driver
  • bridge carpenter
  • superintendent
  • project panager
Photo of the RM Piper website displayed in three different devices: PC, tablet, and mobile.
The team at ReachFarther really listened to our objectives and I valued their guidance and experience-based recommendations. The responsiveness and attention to detail was top notch during all phases of our project

Administrator, R.M. Piper

How did ReachFarther help RM Piper?

Compelling Photography

With the web becoming much more visual as internet speeds increase, many companies are faced with the difficult task of finding compelling, exciting photography to use on their websites. R.M. Piper has undertaken several incredible construction projects and has extraordinary photo assets to leverage, so we used those prominently in their website redesign.

Photo of an RM Piper constructing a bridge site shot from above.

Employment Opportunities

R.M. Piper wanted their website to be a tool to find dependable workers who they could build long-term relationships and prvide 0advancement opportunites to, so ReachFarther built a extensive Employment Opportunity form to fins such applicants.

SEO Focused

R.M. Piper competes in a search space with keywords shared by many different industries. Their previous website had a limited amount of content and focused heavily on their excellent personnel. But a personnel-focused website didn’t help them index for key real estate development terms used by potential customers. To improve their search footprint, ReachFarther launched a WordPress website using industry best-practices SEO and helped them organize their content to better position themselves in key search demographics.