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WordPress Development Services

WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems. As of November 2020, WordPress powers nearly 35% of the internet with more than 400,000 people visiting a WordPress website each month! And WordPress is no longer just a blogging engine with more than 28% of all e-commerce flowing through the WordPress platform.

  • Expert WordPress Developer ReachFarther's expert WordPress developers have been working with web technologies for years, so in addition to being great engineers, we have decades of project management experience. We'll run your project smoothly, transparently, and advise you honestly you throughout the development cycle. Chosen as one of the 30 best small business WordPress developers, our team is ready to do the heavy lifting on your next WordPress development project.

  • WordPress is Cost Effective Our WordPress developers can get your project to market quickly through leveraging existing lightweight themes. And once your website has launched, inexpensive and fully managed WordPress maintenance is available through our very cost-effective hosting packages.

  • WordPress is Customizable One of the tools greatest strength's is how easily customizable the WordPress platform is. There are thousands of plugins available that speed time to market and enable advanced functionality such as social media integration, advanced formatting and interactivity, and powerful connectivity to third party tools like email platforms. ReachFarther has also vetted dozens of themes that we make available to our customers at no additional charge.

  • WordPress is Mobile FriendlyThrough the use of tested responsive themes, WordPress makes it very easy to build mobile-friendly websites. Our developers can therefore focus on making your website look great on phones, tables, and PCs rather than spending time on complicated coding and styles, because the technology is already baked into the theme.

  • WordPress is Seach Engine Friendly WordPress boasts industry-leading SEO plugins that make writing content a breeze. On-board rankings, suggestions for improvement, and individual word scoring give you the tools you need to write SEO friendly content. We have completed SEO projects with some of the largest companies on the planet and will focus that experience on your website.

  • WordPress Maintenance is Easy Each of our hosting packages includes monthly WordPress maintenance which eliminates the need for you to watch your site daily. We'll handle the plugin updates, the platform updates, the server maintenance, and send you a monthly email detailing everything we've done.

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