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Microsoft ASP.NET Development Services

As a professional ASP.NET developer for more than two decades, ReachFarther has been working with Microsoft technologies for decades beginning within the Office suite (VBA) and moving to today’s cutting-edge web technologies like ASP.NET. We support classic active server pages applications built at the turn of the century, as well as deploy new cutting-edge applications to support some of the largest companies in the Unites States.


ASP.NET is a server-side application framework that enables developers to code in numerous languages using its Common Language Runtime (CLR). Extended with libraries specifically designed for building web pages, it enables secure deployment of complex applications.


We host and maintain hardware that supports numerous web environments used by a broad spectrum of our clients.  We deploy to the Microsoft Azure cloud, troubleshoot and fix existing projects built by 3rd-party developers, and develop complex, custom applications.


ASP.NET allows ReachFarther to write custom code, which makes the platform more robust than an “out of the box” CMS like WordPress.

Our ASP.NET Development Services Include:

    • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
    • Comprehensive Project Management and Execution
    • “Web Services” Development and Distributed Data Applications
    • ASP.NET Web Hosting and Deployment
    • Microsoft SQL Server Database Development and Database Hosting
    • ReachFarther’s SimpleSite Content Management Engine
    • Website Design and Development: ReachFarther can design and develop a website from scratch, using the ASP.NET framework to create a robust, scalable, and secure site that meets your specific needs. This can include creating custom templates, integrating with third-party services, or building custom functionality. Because of the flexibility of this platform, it allows us to create custom code to solve any business issue you can throw at us.
    • Content Management System (CMS) Development: We have designed and maintained numerous custom CMS platforms for our customers, which allow them to easily update and manage website content. Having moved much of our basic CMS work to the WordPress platform. ASP.NET offers greater flexibility when faced with a truly unique concept that doesn’t fit neatly within the WordPress environment.
    • Website Maintenance and Support: ReachFarther provides ongoing maintenance and support for ASP.NET websites, which can include updating the site with new content, troubleshooting issues that arise, or making any necessary updates or improvements. Because these products use compiled code, we’re also able to fix custom coding errors left in your solution by a previous design team.
    • Website Optimization: ReachFarther can optimize a new or existing website for consumption by the search engines, which can include improving the site’s speed, adding meta tags, and creating quality content. We also commonly perform SEO reviews where we check your website against more than 100 basic SEO best practices to ensure that you’re site is running at it’s peak potential.
    • Website Security: We can enhance the security of your website by implementing security measures like SSL encryption, firewalls, and regular security updates. This may also include analyzing your code to make sure it’s written securely, and analyzing your database scripts to make sure they’re free from injection opportunities or other malicious security concerns.
    • Integration: ReachFarther can integrate your site with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, and other business software, which will improve the efficiency of your business processes.
    • Mobile Optimization: ReachFarther can improve your ASP.NET website’s mobile-friendliness and responsiveness, which helps your product be easily viewed on different devices and screen sizes.
    • Custom Web Application Development: ReachFarther’s ASP.NET consulting services include custom web applications, such as dashboards, reporting tools, or other software tailored to your specific needs.
    • ASP.NET Hosting: ReachFarther hosts several private networks in conjunction with our hosting partners, offering 99.9% uptime SLA’s and state-of-the-art technology.

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Working with ReachFarther on our company’s website redesign was seamless from start to finish. Final product—AMAZING/
INTUITIVE! Communication—TREMENDOUS! Highly recommend ReachFarther.

Managing Partner, Vision Real Estate Partners

We appreciate all the work you guys have done so far and we’re so excited for everyone to see the site – it looks awesome.

Camp Volunteer , Camp Fatima of NJ

ReachFarther has been a great part of our team since they designed our new website back in 2011. The staff are knowledgeable, responsive, creative, pro-active and truly a pleasure to work with!

Executive Director, The Midwest Clinic

The ReachFarther team lent their considerable experience on more than one occasion allowing us to extend what we offer to our customers.

Principal, Brand Kitchen

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