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Great Brook Gallery

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Great Brook Gallery

The team at ReachFarther worked closely with Great Brook Gallery to create a website that showcases their extensive inventory of Plein Air and Impressionist artwork, featuring still lifes and pastoral scenes, while also creating an online presence that helps them reach art enthusiasts from around the world.

The website not only looks beautiful, but it is also artist-centric, allowing for easy input of new art and artists. ReachFarther’s expertise in SEO helped Great Brook Gallery improve their search footprint, using industry best practices and organizing content to better position themselves in key search demographics. The end result is a warm and welcoming website that is cost-effective and focused on driving traffic to Great Brook Gallery’s quaint and historical building, while also attracting new customers from all over the world.”

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The site is wonderful! Thank you all for your patience and creativity. I’m so happy I selected you to help me.”


Owner, Great Brook Gallery

How did ReachFarther help Great Brook Gallery?

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Artwork and Artist-centric

ReachFarther helped Great Brook Gallery showcase their stunning collection of Plein Air and Impressionist artwork to a global audience through a warm and inviting website. Our team worked closely with the gallery to create an artwork hierarchy that allows for easy updates and artist-centric features that highlight their extensive inventory.” – Link the GBG brand name to their website.

Local SEO

It’s not just about showcasing the artwork – we also focused on improving Great Brook Gallery’s search engine optimization (SEO) to help them attract more customers to their historical building. By launching a WordPress website using industry best-practices SEO and optimizing their content for key tourism terms, we helped Great Brook Gallery increase their visibility to potential customers searching for art in their area.

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