ReachFarther Launches New CMS for Resolute Consulting

Resolute Consulting, based in Chicago with offices in Washington, D.C., is an award-winning public affairs and communications firm providing strategic counsel and effective issue campaigns based on real-world experience.

Our relationship with Resolute Consulting was referral-based through a satisfied customer and a strategic design partner.  They felt that ReachFarther’s experience and existing suite of deployment-ready content management and database products would be a good fit for Resolute Consulting, who was looking for help rejuvenating their existing website.

Resolute Consulting had recently completed a successful branding and print campaign overhaul; ReachFarther was asked to extend that new campaign to their website.  They were also interested in upgrading their online content management system with a new product that gave them greater control over their website, in a more stable environment.

After deploying our custom content management engine (CMS), ReachFarther empowered Resolute Consulting’s webmasters with an advanced toolset capable of scaling and managing their growing web content portfolio.
When asked about the project, COO Dave Smolensky said “Brad and the entire staff at ReachFarther are the best in the business. ReachFarther’s grasp of the entire process, from concept and design through launch exceeded our expectations.”

Features of the Resolute Consulting re-launch include:

1) Dynamic Content Management: They can now update web content in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor complete with spell-checking and cut-and-paste functionality from applications like Microsoft Word.  This enables Resolute Consulting to work on formatting and content offline, and then easily migrate it to their new website.

2) Video Management: Resolute Consulting can quickly and easily manage their Flash video content using a simple interface.  These videos are presented to guests via an elegant front-end player and can be linked from any content within their website.

3) Photo Galleries:  Galleries can be created on the fly and attached to press releases, page content, and project summaries.

4) Automated Image Scaling: Server-based tools automatically scale image content to proportions defined by site designers, so webmasters don’t need to format photos or other media before migrating them to their website.

5) Roles-based Security:  A sophisticated security schema allows administrators to define what users can and can’t do when using their administration website.

6) SEO Best Practices:  Our developers integrated the latest SEO best-practices into the website for no additional cost.  For more information on SEO, check out our Beginner’s Guide to SEO, it was written a while ago but it’s still relevant.

7) Automated XML Site Map:  An XML sitemap is created each evening and written dynamically to the website.  After being registered with the major search engines, this map provides yet another means of cataloging the Resolute Consulting web content for better search engine performance.

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