Important: Your Old Google Data Will Be Deleted

After more than 15 years, Google’s previous data tracking model is finally getting a much-needed upgrade. The modernization of GA4 is driven by three key factors:

  • A new data model that works seamlessly across devices
  • Ability to function in a “cookieless” environment
  • Compliance with evolving privacy laws.

The significance of this migration cannot be overstated. Your old Google Analytics code will cease to function in less than a month (July 2023). If you haven’t made the switch independently or with ReachFarther to assist you, it’s crucial to be aware of this upcoming deadline. Please don’t hesitate to contact us promptly regarding the migration of your account.

It’s important to note that the new GA4 model represents a substantial departure from its predecessor, making integration of GA3 data impossible. This poses challenges for year-over-year comparisons. However, in the short term, it is even more critical to safeguard your old data. Within six months of the GA4 launch, Google will take your old data offline. Failure to download or archive it could result in permanent loss. Unfortunately, Google’s export options are limited, making the process of determining what and how to export your data tricky.

Our recommendation is as follows:

  • Evaluate your current data comparison practices and export at least a year’s worth of reports accordingly.
  • For instance, if you typically analyze data on a monthly basis, export a year’s worth of monthly snapshots.
  • Utilize these reports as references for comparing your 2023-2024 data tracked by GA4.
  • If you do not frequently analyze this data, an annual report may suffice.
  • Additionally, we strongly advise taking snapshots of your most popular pages to retain records of how your website was being utilized.

This will also have implications for anyone currently funding Google Ads campaigns for PPC marketing.

 The migration to Google’s new GA4 Analytics platform is a significant step forward in data tracking and privacy compliance. With the imminent expiration of the old Google Analytics code, it’s crucial to take action and migrate your account before July 2023.

 Don’t hesitate to reach out to ReachFarther for assistance, ensuring a smooth transition and the preservation of your valuable data for future analysis is a priority for us.

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