ReachFarther and Favre Foundation Create HTML Email Campaign

ReachFarther and the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation teamed up on an email marketing campaign to support the release of Deanna’s new book, “Don’t Bet Against Me”. According to the foundation’s website, Deanna’s book is Favre’s story of her life with one of the NFL’s biggest stars and her battle with breast cancer.

The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation’s mission statement is to provide assistance to women who are underserved or underinsured in their battle against breast cancer. The foundation website contains valuable information regarding Breast Cancer including:
Conducting Breast Cancer Self-Exams
12 Breast Cancer Myths Exposed
Breast Cancer Statistics
10 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Doctor

ReachFarther’s designers and web developers created an attractive email newsletter that worked within the most common browsers in use today. Adhering to HTML email best-practices, the email was distributed to an opt-in list prepared by the foundation.

Email marketing and RSS feeds continue to be a very powerful ways to reach consumers and supporters. Allowing your clientele to selectively receive information about your products and services can be an inexpensive means to advertise, self-promote, or circulate news and information.

You can purchase “Don’t Bet Against Me”, Deanna Favre’s new book from their online store; a portion of the royalties from each book will go to help the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. You can also find information on donating to the foundation on their website.

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