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When You Need It Done Right and Done Quickly

So you’re faced with an insanely tight deadline in order to produce a print advertisement that’s going to run in a full-color publication, you’ve got no copy, no creative, and only a high-level idea. What do you do? You call ReachFarther of course.

Houston, Texas-based Virtus Partners provides fixed-income collateral administrative services and data on structured and non-structured transactions across a broad spectrum of investment vehicles, including Hedge and Private Equity funds, separate accounts, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), and Total Returns Swaps (TRS). We’re pretty sure there are only a few firms in the world who can boast experts in those fields (or even define them all), and Virtus is one of them.

With two days left until the weekend and a finished piece due to the publication the following Monday, Virtus Partners called on ReachFarther to get the job done. Working closely with their leadership and our creative team, we were able to present several creative ideas, refine two of them, and ultimately produce a piece worthy of publication.