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How to Connect With Your Customers

PanelVerse is an online question and answer (Q&A) utility that enables two-way communication with your customers using a dynamic front-end website customized to your brand standards. Paired with sophisticated administration services, PanelVerse gives your organization complete control over your website content while interacting on a personal level with your broad customer community. Our tool collects the questions that your customers ask, and facilitates your expert answers creating an intimate and personal experience between your business and your customers.

The PanelVerse front-end creates a brand-safe arena within which your customers can learn from your expertise. Unlike a traditional discussion forum or message board, our two-way communication model allows you to answer inquiries about your own products in your established marketing voice. nlike social media platforms, the PanelVerse platform also presents your brand-approved Q&A on a public website where it can be found easily by your customers. Why let other people act as the online experts for your company? Keep Q&A about your services on-target and on-message, 24-hours a day.

  • Maintain dynamic content in your own voice while maintaining brand consistency
  • Sophisticated business logic to control workflow
  • Online customizable spell-checking dictionaries
  • Automated filters for inappropriate content


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