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ReachFarther's Easy Q&A System - PanelVerse

A hosted-FAQ solution for your brand.

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Your customers are already interacting with their peers on social networks, discussion boards, and question and answer websites across the web to find information about your products and services. Why let unknown and potentially unqualified people (or competitors) provide critical answers to their questions?

PanelVerse is a comprehensive tool for accepting, filtering, and categorizing questions and responding with expertly thought-out answers that support both your brand and your business. Your organization exerts complete control over your content while interacting on a personal level with your broad customer community.

  • Aerial view of a group of young people on technologyConnect PanelVerse is an online question and answer (Q&A) utility that enables two-way communication with your customers using a dynamic front-end website customized to your brand standards. Paired with sophisticated administration services, PanelVerse gives your organization complete control over your website content while interacting on a personal level with your broad customer community. Our tool collects the questions that your customers ask, and facilitates your expert answers creating an intimate and personal experience between your business and your customers.


    How PanelVerse can help you connect with your customers

  • Woman looking at a laptop in a libraryLearn Their questions, your way. Your customers have questions and you have the answers. And believe it or not, you don’t know all of the questions they have. We’ve repeatedly found our customers have initially configured their forums by what they thought their customers wanted to know, only to change the entire categorization within a few months based on the questions they received.


    How PanelVerse can help you learn more about your customers

  • Woman standing by a white fenceTake Control The PanelVerse administrative suite features sophisticated and intuitive user management tools with granular event-level security that allow you to quickly and easily regulate a wide range of users. What’s that all mean? Simply, that you can immediately begin managing a Q&A forum with multiple levels of administrative authority while controlling the information you want your customers to see. You choose which questions you want your experts to answer, which answers to approve, and when they’re published to the front-end. Administrators maintain complete control over the content and context of every question and answer.


    How PanelVerse can help you take control

  • Woman with shopping bags looking at a phoneAffordable We can launch a fully hosted branded Yahoo Answers-type website in a matter of weeks rather than the months or years it would take to build a similar tool on your own. What’s more, it’s available as a monthly subscription service with pre-paid discounts for longer terms, so if your program doesn’t work, you simply walk away with no legacy investment or redundant overhead. A compiled version of our utility in also available for installation on your own equipment.


    How PanelVerse can save you money

  • People on a park bench looking at a mobile deviceSyndicate & Share The PanelVerse front-end uses powerful new technology to let the world know you’re online, and keeps them coming back once they find you. The PanelVerse RSS feed is customizable by every guest and enables them to stream your content directly to their inbox or favorite feed-reader. Secure integration with the Twitter API also makes it possible for you to push content to your existing Twitter feeds, or pull Twitter status updates directly to your Q&A website.


    How PanelVerse will get your site content indexed and searched quickly

  • Merge sign on an over pass viewed from belowIntegrate Our hosted solution allows us to grow our administration tools as technology changes, ensuring that you’re always working with cutting-edge web technologies.


    How PanelVerse keep you up to date

  • Boy listening to a tin cup phoneVoice Search 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, per comScore. PanelVerse questions are written as people speak, increasing the likelihood that your site will be on top of the search results.

  • Man walking in the woods holding up a tabletSemantic Content Publish content written the way your customers write, about topics they’re interested in, in a format web browsers can understand and archive easily, with back-end tools that extend Google’s ability to work with your copy.

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