How to Improve Your Organic Search Performance

We support many customers that are way deep into enhancing their SEO footprint. A few of those customers spend the GDP of a small country on their search marketing (SEM) over the course of a year so increasing their organic search results is an essential way to reduce their overall PPC spend. An increase in 100,000 organic search clicks for a term that costs you .25 cents per-click in theory translates to a savings of $25,000, no small sum as marketing budgets continue to shrink across the globe. Budget reductions, corporate consolidation, and/or shifting strategies all mandate the optimization of your marketing spend, and organic search is a fantastic way to do just that.

What exactly are the best strategies for improving organic search performance? Well the answer to that question evolves every single day, and the strategy that makes sense today may not be the best tomorrow. What’s more, the factors used to return results on an engine are a closely guarded secret since they’re very valuable intellectual property, so the search industry uses their best judgement to determine which strategies are current and which will be most effective. At the time of publishing (summer 2018) here are some of the current trends:

  • Optimize your content for featured snippets
  • Add structured data, we prefer LD+JSON markup for its simplicity and portability between websites
  • Optimize your site for speed/mobile – Minify your scripts, minify your CSS, optimize images, write lightweight code, etc.
  • Optimize the keywords you use on your site – This included performing keyword research to understand how visitors find you online, and how they find your competitors
  • Deploy targeted Q&A to maximize your ability to capture long-tail keyword searches
  • Add audio versions of your written page content
  • Make sure your on-page SEO is solid – The structure of your page, the code you deploy, the document object model, etc.
  • Increase the number of links into and out of your website
  • Continually add content keeping your website fresh

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