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ReachFarther has been a great part of our team since they designed our new website back in 2011. The staff are knowledgeable, responsive, creative, pro-active and truly a pleasure to work with! Executive Director - The Midwest Clinic

The Midwest Clinic

For over 70 years, musicians, educators and people passionate about music education of all skill levels have gathered in Chicago for the largest music conference of its kind. With more than 17,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 30 countries, ReachFarther helps the The Midwest Clinic connect with musicians and administrators from across the globe.

  • Their website fosters a connection between The Midwest Clinic and their exhibitors, performers and speakers
  • Consolidates administrative tasks into one easy-to-use portal so staff can focus on making the event even better
  • Customized content management system with ob-board industry best-practices SEO
  • Streamlines contracts and vendor communication for The Midwest Clinic's exhibitors
  • Automated forms help collect, organize, and approve performer applications
  • Fully customized administrative resources to facilitate the selection of candidates
  • Helps maintain history of past conferences
Visit the Midwest Clinic Website

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