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Open Source vs. Proprietary CMS

Open Source vs. Proprietary Content Management Systems

Referring to our post named What is a Content Management System, the basic reason for spending the money to deploy a content management system is to enable non-technical employees to maintain website content without an advanced knowledge of coding or programming languages. Let’s face it, website technologies are confusing so a good CMS and a good development partner should make the entire endeavor a whole lot less confusing.

Are you well-versed in purchasing SSL certificates to maintain compliance with SSL-Everywhere? Know how to link a Google Analytics account to your website? Understand how to optimize images for mobile delivery? Not likely, but we do, and so do thousands of qualified web designers in Morristown and beyond. As a simple example, very few on our staff could fix a car. We rely on qualified mechanics to perform that work, and similarly, our customers rely on our expertise to explain complex issues and make the process seamless.

So back to proprietary vs. open source CMS platforms. A good CMS is pre-packaged with effective SEO tools, easy-to-use templates that make your website scalable, and provides a WYSIWG editor to makes managing website content as easy as using a Word Processor.

Did we just date ourselves? Don’t even get us started on typewriters, white out, or cassette tapes…

Anyway, your CMS should allow you to add images to pages, change words, edit paragraphs, update the navigation, publish new pages, and may even allow you to change the layout. In short, it should give your staff the ability to manage your website into the distant future without having to call your developer every time you need to make a change or upgrade in a matter of months. After launch, your interaction with your web design agency should be as limited or as robust as you want. We’ve got clients that rely on us to update pages for them at their request, and others who contact us only when they’re stuck on a particularly complex post and want some advice.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, in terms of their structural platforms, content management systems fall into two primary buckets: proprietary and open source.

This stuff is complicated.  Can we help you make a decision?

Our dedicated team of professionals has decades of experience working with these very technologies. We've been there, we've done that, and we've done it a lot. We love the internet, we love texting, and we love our phones, so give us a call or use our contact form so we can help you make sense of things.

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