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  • “I want my site to work on mobile devices, does that mean I have to employ an app developer too?”

    No! HTML and web technologies have come a long way allowing ReachFarther to build websites that will automatically adjust their appearance for multiple devices, like computers, tablets, or phones. Websites that automatically resize to fit the device that's reviewing them are called "responsive websites" and the cost savings from this new tech to the average business is enormous. No longer do you need to build separate sites or separate apps to reach your entire audience, you can maintain a single web page and trust that it will reach your intended audience in the best format they can consume.

    ReachFarther's expert web design services can deploy responsive technology on multiple content management systems that will make your life much easier in terms of the amount of effort it takes to maintain a great website! Contact ReachFarther today to see all the ways we can help streamline your web presence.

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