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  • “Can you help us make our website accessible?”

    Yes we can.  We currently assist a number of clients with accessibility initiatives and have been doing it for several years.

    We have published information on how ReachFarther can help you with accessibility requirements, and we're always willing to have an informal or formal discussion on the topic. The current online accessibility law isn't settled, but forget about the law for a second.  Making your website available to people with disabilities is the right thing to do and by working towards those goals you're being a better member of society.  And it's not even  a heavy lift!

    If you consider accessibility during your website development there's no reason that basic accessibility standards can't be deployed as part of your first production push.  Basic accessibility training can also teach your content authors the concepts they need to make sure that as your website grows, it's ability to reach the broadest market possible isn't affected.

    If you'd like more information from us about how we can help, please contact ReachFarther at your convenience.

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