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PhotoShop CS2 Upgrade on Windows7

I finally got around to upgrading my computer from the disastrous Vista to Windows 7.  This significantly cut down on the bugs I was experiencing and sped up my machine.  But, of course, I had to migrate all of my files and programs including our copy of upgraded PhotoShop CS2.  In OS’s past we’d have to install our PhotoShop 6.0 and then upgrade to CS2.  Windows 7 did not like this one bit.

After finagling with it and searching the message boards for quite some time, I was at a loss.  Defeated, I called up Adobe and they promptly told me they did not support any product before CS2.  Grrrrr, but he did tell me to skip the PhotoShop 6.0 install and just use the upgrade disc.  As long as I had the serial numbers for the original the upgrade would install properly.  And what do you know, it worked.

Update: The Grandma Gold was stolen late last year by some nameless punk. Little did I know that 2000 Hodna Civics were at the top of the list of boosted vehicles. Even more upsetting was that my golf clubs and bowling ball were in the trunk and are now lost forever.  If you see a set of 30 year old Wilson Gooseneck irons with a considerable chunk taken out of the 5 iron or a 16 lb Purple Hammer bowling ball with yellow finger inserts, please let me know.


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