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My Favorite Sports Highlights

I’m a pretty big sports fan, and over the past few weeks I’ve had quite a run of sports luck. A life-long Giants fan, I’ve been euphoric for an entire week as a result of their Super Bowl win over the evil New England Patriots. A few short weeks earlier while attending a friend’s wedding in Princeton New Jersey I was lucky enough to watch the Maryland Terrapins knock off the then number one team in the land, the North Carolina Tarheels. For those of you who don’t follow sports, believe me, either one of those two events is quite rare. To have them both happen within a month, well, it’s put a smile on my face as wide as the gap between the Patriots offensive linemen.

So I decided to link to some of my favorite Terps sports moments, at least the ones I could find online easily. I’m not saying these are “the best” plays of all time, but I can watch them all over and over again without getting tired of them.  Oh, and I threw in a Tiger Woods highlight as well. 

Drew Nicholas Hits a Buzzer-Beater for the Terps in the NCAA's
A true “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!” moment, I can remember running madly through a bar on Cape Cod when this shot went down. My mother-in-law thought I was insane.

Tiger Woods 16th Hole Chip-In at the 2005 Masters
The more I watch this clip, the more I truly believe that Nike somehow rigged that shot.

Steve Blake Robs Jason Williams of Duke
Jason made the Bulls a few years later, changed his name to Jay, and then drove his motorcycle off the road ending his pro career. Steve still plays in the NBA.  Hmmmm...

Maryland Football Beats NC State For the 4th Straight Time
His name is LeRoy Ambush, and this massive hit saves the game for us after a missed extra point. Philip Rivers, who is still not a good quarterback, failed to beat the Terps throughout his entire college career.

I’m tired, will add more as I find them…

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