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HTML Email Works!

Email newsletters and email marketing work!  Want proof?

"Trustworthy advertising?  It's not an oxy-moron.  Though few like to admit it, consumers believe some types of ads more than others.  Print and television ads are considered most trustworthy and least annoying - which helps explain why they still command the biggest portions of marketing budgets.  Surprisingly, e-mail newsletters are also considered trustworthy, even though other types of internet-based advertising rank among the most annoying.  Last year internet ad revenue shrank by 17 percent, to $6 billion." *

Consumer Attitudes and Marketing Spending, 2002 **
Media Type % of customers who trust... % of customers annoyed by... Estimated spending (in millions)
Print Ads 47% 5% $48,188
Television Ads 42% 13% $51,859
E-mail Newsletters 39% 13% N/A
Radio Ads 35% 11% $9,008
Direct Mail 21% 31% $46,024
Outdoor Ads 20% 11% $5,200
Paid Search-Engine Listings 14% 29% $480
Infomercials/Shopping Channels 9% 39% $22,729
Website Banner Ads 8% 53% $1,980
Door-to-Door Solicitations 4% 78% N/A
Spam 3% 77% $240
Pop-Up Ads 2% 83% $180

Communicating with your customers is one of the biggest priorities for any business.  Our HTML email application makes it easy for your organization to send your customers rich, colorful, interactive email with robust tracking features.  ReachFarther’s List Manager contact management application provides everything that your business needs to communicate with your existing and future customers. 

New leasing options allow your business to inexpensively use our product on our servers for a low monthly fee!

Our HTML Email/Contact Management website features:

  • Full ‘Push Email’ functionality - you create the message, we send it out
  • Create, edit and save email before sending
  • Email tracking reports on who opened your email
  • Learn what people are clicking on with automatic "Click-through" tracking
  • Sent Mail and Out-box folders
  • Contact reporting to prevent contacts from being contacted too frequently
  • Security matrix allows you to restrict access to certain users
  • integrates with your existing web database.
  • Easily import Outlook Contact lists or other CSV files
  • Query engine that allows you to easily find contacts based on any criteria
  • Ability to put similar contacts into groups to enable easy list management
  • Automated unsubscribes makes management simple

For more information about how our contact management software can improve your business communications, please contact us at your convenience.

reference: Web Enabled Contact Management/Email Software

* Source: Business 2.0

** Sources:  Competitive Media Reporting/Taylor Nelson Sofres; Intelliseek/PlanetFeedback; Outdoor Advertising Association of America; Interactive Advertising Bureau/PriceWaterhouseCoopers; Direct Marketing Association

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