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Advanced Microsoft Office Automation

Corporate IT has a good reason for standardized platforms. They’re easier to support, easier to secure, and easier to deploy (plus they cost less). Before working for ReachFarther our developers worked for Fortune 100 companies learning the ins-and-outs of navigating complex organizational structures.  During those stints we cut our teeth working within the corporate IT infrastructure using tools and software that were already part of our standard disk image.

We used Microsoft Excel to build heavy-duty data tools to facilitate trade promotion analysis, optimal shelf-assortment, SKU-optimization and roll-up, and baseline smoothing. We incorporated Microsoft Access to summarize our findings and created real-time management reporting tools. This was all well before the Internet made it so much easier to disseminate and collect information (did you try getting your corporate IT department to authorize development of an Intranet site in 1996?).

In short, if you’re staring your data directly in the eye and know that there’s more you can be doing with it, you’re right, and we know how. We’ve got years of experience working within the Microsoft Office suite to develop independent, unique, and customizable business automation solutions. We’re experts in working with cell formulas within the presentation layer of Excel as well as going under the hood to use VBA for integration and advanced coding. Dumping data to Access, automating presentation decks using PowerPoint, creating powerful topline reporting with custom SKU totals that Nielsen and IRI simply can’t give you, we’ve been there, we’ve done that.

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