Build a Strong School Community

An application that supports your school's efforts to provide students' families with personalized real-time updates via a secure portal that's simple for staff to use.
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Enhance the connection between schools and families

  • For Schools

  • Securely Share Student's Accomplishments and School News
  • Give you control of your own website
  • Enhance on-site security
  • Simple for Staff to Use
  • Fast, Affordable Implementation and Support
  • Support for Multiple Locations
  • For Parents/Guardians

  • PC, mobile, and tablet enabled
  • Classroom specific online newsletters
  • Opt-in parent/student directory for each class
  • On-demand access to important forms and documents
  • Real-time information on how your child's day is going

Consolidate several administrative tasks in one easy-to-use portal that helps staff focus on what they do best

Benefits for both Families and Administration

Through Communicate With Care, administrators and teachers can:

  • Work in the tool on the go via an iPad—there’s no need to spend long periods of time tied to a computer
  • Manage class rosters and students’ guardians
  • Provide a daily (or only as needed) note for each student to his or her family, minimizing updates provided via phone, e-mail, or in person
  • Log important metrics families want to know—students’ naps, meals, diaper or toilet details, and more
  • Post and “tag” photos and videos of students so their families can see them online
  • Check the pick-up list for each student to ensure that only an approved person takes the student home—the pick-up list can include a photo of each authorized adult
  • Provide classroom-specific information and news in one place that families can refer back to as needed
  • Develop a school newsletter and blog
  • Maintain a school-wide calendar
  • Track attendance and print records

A School Director's Recommendation

"The parents all seemed to catch on quickly and everyone thought the new system was 'really neat!' :)"

- Becky McNichol
Pre-school Director